An increasing number of working a professionals who are caught up busy schedules and chores don’t have much time left at the end of the day for cooking.Besides don’t we all enjoy ordering food online ,from the comfort of our homes with just a tap on the phone screen.

What do customers want?
Quick and Easy Access to Food that “Tastes” Good and “Looks” Good and  “Healthy?”
Do they think about freshness? Yes
Do they worry about what happens if they eat defrosted food? Don’t Know Don’t Care, after all “Ignorance is a Bliss”
Do you think its worth putting your health at stake in exchange for time? No No No                                                                       

Showing you the Dark Side of most express food delivery options,the true facet of food tech.


Do you really think elaborate meals can be prepared within 15min? when the marination process itself takes 20min.Have you ever wondered how food is delivered to you in name of express delivery.Sure you are served food that tastes good real quick but have you considered the health aspects of it?Preserved food that is either stored in cold freezers or partially cooked food is bad for health.Pre-cooked food is  pre-heated , packaged and served.There are quite a few measures that restaurants and food joints undertake to prevent food from spoiling and reduce food wastage.Buying in bulk is always helpful as it saves cost. To prevent the bulk purchase from spoiling you need to either use cold freezer or add preservatives or precook.Further storing in a dry environment at low  temperatures helps to avoid fungus and moulds.When it comes to pre-cooked food -cooling it and then storing helps to prevent bacterial growth.Simply reheating the frozen food and serving is the trick to delivering it fast.

You will be shocked to know the extent to which business owners go to increase the shelf life of the prepared food.Curry and rice can be stored up to 40 days at low temperatures without any visible deterioration. The problem occurs when the culprit is hidden from the naked eyes.A lot of preservatives and colourants added to maintain the taste and flavour of old food have extended side effects on the human body.Read the previous post on what to eat what not to eat in case you have missed to learn more.

Since the money makers, investors or anyone for that matter isn’t concern about the health impacts of express food , the onus lies  in the hand of the consumers, the beloved customers to take care and think before eating.Think of this hypothetical but possible scenario, you are sitting in a hospital because of food poisoning from a food that was served you in name of quick and fresh and you probably saved 30min of your time.Was it really worth it? How much time did you spend in the hospital?How much money did you spend on medicines ? How much physical and mental discomfort you had to go through?Was it worth saving those 30min? An eyeopener really, when you come across an untoward situation like this ,when either you or your family member falls sick because of bad quality food.


Quick and Easy access to food is so clever advertised and disguised as a timesaver that the spine chilling facts never surface up.A popular ingredient-Table salt has moisture absorbents and iodine and is dried at more that 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit. Imagine this being added to your food.The very chemical structure of most of the ingredients changes with time and their natural benefits are non-existent.This is precisely why we at Readybowl take our time with your food, prepare it fresh, never buy in bulk .Yes ! it costs us a little extra but we consider it important to make sure your health is never put to stake.Order from to experience the taste and freshness of home styled Indian food.

Take care