I understand that you are so bored reading the articles about nutrition and lifestyle, what to eat what not to eat.  But now in this article I am not talking anything about green tea, vegetable or fruits all we are gonna look upon is CHICKEN..!! The word touches the taste buds and makes them watering right???

Me thinking about what to eat..!!!

My conscious mind reminds me of all the articles I read about the nutrition and nutritional food which is very important.

Healthy food may be good for the conscience but chickkeeennn..!!!! it taste a hell lot of better.

And then I feel that my soul had enough vegetables and fruits now it wants chicken.

I just ordered a chicken and an egg off the internet to see which one comes first..!!!!

It had long been suspected that the egg came first.

Okay but the FACT Is British researchers say the chicken must have come first as the formation of eggs is only possible thanks to a protein found in the chicken’s ovaries.

Apart from that something that is really interesting about chickens
1.Chickens are just like human mothers who talk to their babies in the      womb—a mother hen begins to teach calls to her chicks before they even hatch.

  1. Chickens are real sleeping beauties—they experience rapid eye movement (REM) sleep. Wondering what is REM ask your friend who knows biology or just google it.
  2. Chickens have full-color vision—no color-blindness here!
  3. The scientific name for a chicken is GALLUS GALLUS DOMESTICUS
  4. Chickens are omnivores
  5. Domestic chickens generally do not fly
  6. The color of hen’s egg is determined by the breed of chicken and the color of their ears

Okay coming to the healthy benefits of chicken which is grilled, roasted cooked and fried.

People who love food more than anything these facts are for you

The very first fact is chicken tastes soo yummm!!! Alright you know that already

Did you know!!!  Chicken is one of the best non-vegetarian sources of protein and it is a lean meat so you say no to fat and yes to muscle

Chicken has a huge amount of protein, phosphorus and calcium to make your bones strong, tryptophan and vitamin B5 both of them have calming effect on your body so if your day is so stressful grab a plate of chicken because this is an excellent for a stressful day. For me anything which induces happiness will relieve stress. Hope that a yummy delicious chicken recipe is a whole lot of happiness.

And a few medicinal facts: #01 the hot steam of chicken soup helps clear nasal and throat congestion, thus Chicken soup has long been used as a home remedy for relieving cold, flu and other common respiratory infections.

So for me chicken is so weird..!! ohhhh I just said chicken is Wonderful, Exciting, interesting, Real, and sooo…Different.

Thanks a lot for your time I know by now your taste buds might have triggered a lot.

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