Water is the elixir of life, it helps to flush out toxins from the body and maintain good pH balance.Its  a natural purifier,replenisher,hydrator  and the most effective detox source. Plain water is boring which is why it is getting overshadowed by artificial vitamins and fruit salts when added to water give it a flavour which people enjoy. Add an ‘ooumf factor’ to your water.Most vitamins are water soluble and this is a great way to supplement your diet with the much needed nutrients missing in food.We do not add any preservative, or artificial sugars to the water so it retains the original freshwater which is enriched  with a  natural touch of herbs and fruits added to it.You can see the fruit and herbs for yourself so there is no fooling anyone if colour or any medicines were added to achieve the fruity herb like look.We will be launching 7 kinds of freshwaters from classical to digestive to detox to antioxidant rich.

The Classical-Minty Fresh

Advantage-Vitamin C enriched lemonand Antaacid nature of mint great for stomach and perfect for summers to relieve from the heat
Combination-Goes great with chilli chicken or any other spicy variant

The Digestive: Citrus Blast 

Advantage: Great for digestion, the aroma of fennel relaxes your mind
Combination-Drink before food or after food for great results
Hope you enjoyed reading and are excited about the launch as much as we are !